Monday, July 15, 2013

Interesting Links 15 July 2013

Today is the first day of the CSTA Annual conference. Ten workshops today and later a tour of Microsoft’s New England Research and Development Center (Yeah I’ve been to NERD before but still …) I’ll be helping out with some demos at NERD – showing off TouchDevelop. I’ll have more on the CSTA conference later but for now it is Monday morning share some cool links time.
No US College In Top 10 For ACM International Programming Contest 2013 First time that has happened but no US team has won since 1997. What’s going on?
Have you been following my series of interviews with computer science teachers? Check out CS Educator Interviews: The Index  Now with seven interviews and see if you have missed any. Oh and yes more are coming.
Gail Carmichael@gailcarmichael on how Improving Computer Science and Programming Education for Women Improves It for Everyone!
Think that Lego is just for kids? Think again - Naval Academy to use Lego kits for robotics education
What's the Best Language for a Beginning Programmer? Popular Mechanics takes on this religious topic. Not sure I agree with all the conclusions but makes and interesting read.
Debugging TouchDevelop scripts : great new functionality in the latest online beta version of TouchDevelop.
Interactive chart on how programming languages have influenced each other Not perfict (I’m pretty sure that Visual Basic influenced C#  and that isn’t shown.) but very interesting. A lot of influence goes two ways with langauges influincing other language that influenced them. Very little is 100% origional.
8 iPad apps to Teach Coding and Programming I’m not sure how much of these apps is really teaching programming and how much problem solving. Not that problem solving is not a great thing but there is more to programming than that.

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