Monday, July 22, 2013

Interesting Links 22 July 2013

The big thing for me last week was the annual CSTA conference. A great professional development experience as always. Almost 300 computer science educators were there. And they announced the dates and location for next year’s event. The dates for CSTA 2014 are July 14 & 15 2014 at near Chicago

I haven’t really blogged about the CSTA conference. I was pretty busy giving two talks and while I saw a bit of it I really didn't feel like I saw enough to blog. Fortunately a couple of other people have written some good summaries.

Computer Science Finally Part of Critical Federal Bill news on the CSTA blog  via @csteachersa

Check out: CS Educator Interviews: The Index  for the complete list of computer science teacher interviews including the ones I added last week:

Eugene Wallingford takes a look at AP Computer Science in Iowa High Schools  via @wallingf. It’s not a pretty picture.

Why scientists and engineers must learn programming – good discussion on the blog at CACM.

Nice interview with a good friend of mine: Jane Prey Targets The Gender Gap In Computing And Engineering   via @ElectronicDesgn

Becoming an Image Ninja with help from Dewald Esterhuizen via Coding 4 Fun - stuff I can use here!

Small Basic Guru - How to Make a Turtle Maze Game

Here is an interesting video of @natbro, co-founder of @Xbox, talking about the Inside of an Xbox

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