Monday, July 01, 2013

Interesting Links 1 July 2013

I started a new series I am calling CS Educator Interviews last week. The first two interviews posted are with Kathleen Weaver and Garth Flint. Check them out when you have a minute. I hope to post about two of these a week over the summer months. If I forgot  to ask you to take part please drop me a note in the comments or via email to

Microsoft demos Project Spark at the //Build conference. Sort of like Kodu on steroids. Awesome graphics. I can see this appealing to older students.

Check out the latest CSTA Voice! Volume 9, issue 3: Gearing Up for Fall …

"CS Principles: Computation in Action" curriculum is ready for download!

Did you miss the ISTE conference? So did I. I did find this summary of ISTE's Top Ten Conversations to be pretty interesting. A lot of chatter about the Surface RTs that Microsoft gave out. Will be looking at how that plays out in the long run.

Thank you Microsoft is a post from @PaulRWood talking about that Surface RT from Microsoft.

A take of a different sort is On (Not) Missing ISTE 2013 by Audrey Watters via @hackeducation

New Blog@CACM post from Mark Guzdial: Why more/better CS education in schools is likely to reduce computing labor shortage.

Computer Science Teachers Association reports on a new Video Released.

CS2013 and K-12 is a preview post of a talk I am giving with two other people are this month’s CSTA Annual Conference. Hope to see you there!

MS Partners in Learning offers Common Core Kit Also the 2014 Partners in Learning Global Forum will take place in...Barcelona, Spain! Read more here:

President Clinton on computer science education Nice (and short) video. I wonder if things like this make a difference though. What do you think?

More women will pick computer science if media nix outdated ‘nerd’ stereotype is an interesting report of some research into how stereotypes are driving women away from computer science.

Why AP CS:Principles is a good thing: Responding to Gas Station without Pumps is a well thought out and reasoned response to some concerns about the new AP CS P course written by Mark @guzdial

On the road with TouchDevelop a teacher talks about his experiences showing off TouchDevelop at several events in the UK. Helpful links to his curriculum as well

Which one is for you? Weak, Strong, Static And Dynamic — An Introduction To Programming Type Systems One of the better explanations I have seen on this important topic.

Stuy CS Software Development Demo Night by Neal Zupancic A visitor to a demo night for high school projects. Held at Google’s NYC offices BTW. Mike @zamansky – the teacher – has his take here at Demo Night.

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