Friday, November 08, 2013

CS Teachers–Please help evaluate HoC Tutorials

I'm passing this along for who I am helping organize tutorials for an Hour of Code during CS education week. We need help evaluating the tutorials we have received to make sure we have high quality projects for people to use. Please help if you can. Thank you!

We've received many submissions of Hour of Code tutorials. We want help in sorting through them, so that the display order is based on feedback of the broader CS community. The final presentation will look something like the list you see at
Please read the Hour of Code Tutorial Guidelines first:
Tutorials will be listed higher if they are:

  • high quality
  • self-directed, don’t require too much instruction
  • designed for beginners
  • designed as a ~ 1 hour activity
  • require no signup
  • require no payment
    require no installation
  • work across many OS/device platforms
  • work across multiple languages
  • promote diversity (gender/race-neutral presentation)

We want your help looking at the many submissions we've received, and scoring them 1-5 on each of these attributes.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You don't need to fill out the entire form. Please help us out as much as you can.

Take our survey:

Thank you,
Pat Yongpradit
Director of Education,

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