Tuesday, November 05, 2013

CSTA Voice November 2013

If you are a member of the CSTA you should have gotten this update in email. If you didn’t you may want to make sure that CSTA has your email address right. If you teach computer science you should be a member.

CSTA Voice highlights


» CSTA and Teacher-Driven Professional Development

It seems that the hard work of many years and many people is resulting in an unprecedented focus on K-12 CS...What we have come to believe is that CSTA chapters must also take a lead in designing and providing PD for teachers. . . .more


The CSTA leadership cohort has a new name-the Computer Science Advocacy Leadership Team (CSALT). The goal of CSALT is to identify, for each state, teacher leaders passionate about improving K-12 CS education. . . .more

» Running a Successful Computing Camp

Offering a computing summer camp certainly takes time to plan and execute, but a successful camp is very rewarding. ICE at Georgia Tech has years of experience in leading computing camps and offer tips to help you ensure the success of your camp.  . . .more

» Chapter Mini-grants Now Open

Chapters are encouraged to submit a mini-grant proposal to carry out an advocacy initiative that would support the engagement of new stakeholders, the creation of a new resource, or the organization of an advocacy event. . . .more

» Increasing Diversity in Computing

Research from ETR Associates, and from the University of California, Santa Cruz, is providing valuable information about ways in which community colleges can increase women's interest in pursuing computer science. . . .more


» The 3-Minute Advocate

Advocating for computer science education" sounds like an intimidating activity, but as an educator you are a natural at it. And it doesn't take much time to have a huge impact. Many CSTA members have shared ideas and strategies to pave the way for you. . . .more

» Equity Matters

Results from the NSF funded Tapestry workshops, led by Professors Joanne Cohoon and Jim Cohoon at the University of Virginia show that teachers using active recruitment can make a difference in the gender composition of classes. . . .more

» Meet the Chapters

CSTACNJ - Central New Jersey, is already a vibrant, active CSTA Chapter in this, its first year. They consider enthusiasm, organization, communication, and collaboration the keys for their success.  . . .more

» Chapter Spotlight

A programming competition is a great way to maintain students' interest in computing and to strengthen their programming skills. The Puget Sound CSTA chapter discovered it is a great way for members to work together and collaborate with industry professionals and college faculty. . . .more

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