Monday, November 04, 2013

Interesting Links 4 November 2013

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The big news were I live last week was the Red Sox winning the World Series. Nothing at all to do with computing. Even with all the excitement I managed to find some interesting links to share.

Journaling in the Computer Science Classroom is a useful post by Rebecca Dovi on Twitter at @SuperCompSci By coincidence Doug Bergman and I took part in a Google Handout with a Google CS Fellow on the same topic last week you can view to recording of our conversation on YouTube CS4HS HOA with CS Fellows- Journaling:

Why are women not pursuing tech jobs? - CBS News Video with a lot of footage and interviews from the Grace Hopper Conference.

Kinect Sign Language Translator includes some good video of Kinect sensors being used to interpret both Chinese and American Sign Language. Very exciting stuff.

CSTA’s Equity Committee is hosting its annual poster competition "We Are the Faces of Computing".  Maybe your students would like to participate?

Hacking Sessions - Week 2 is the latest news on an out of school program that Mike Zamansky @zamansky is running in New York City with students from several high schools.

A theory for why there’s so little CS Ed in the US from Mark Guzdial @guzdial The discussion in the comments (like a lot of Mark’s posts) is also well worth reading.

Julia Steiny writes a good article called Computer Science is Critical Thinking on Steroids that is well worth a read.

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