Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Code Hunt

Gamification of learning is quite the big deal these days. While there is not unanimous agreement and unambiguous evidence that it works in all cases there is some evidence that it works for some students. Code Hunt is a coding game that looks pretty interesting. Well I have been having fun with it. It gives students the option of either Java or C#. The graphics are nice and there is a leaderboard. While some people are happy working up a score for self satisfaction there are others who would like to compare themselves with others.

Code Huntimage is an educational, browser-based coding game targeting teachers and students from introductory to advanced programming or software engineering courses.

At the core of the game experience is an automated grading engine based on symbolic execution. If you have never played Code Hunt before, we suggest you first visit the Instructions page or play the tutorial level to get a better understanding of the game platform and mechanics.

Found a bug? Have a question? Want to provide feedback? Please contact our developers at

Go to our Microsoft Research page to find a list of publications around Code Hunt.

Credits: Code Hunt was developed by the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) group at Microsoft Research.

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