Thursday, February 20, 2014 Teacher and Student Awards

New program from to recognize students and teachers who are making a difference in computer science.

Do you know a teacher or student who's changing code org logothe face of computer science - in big ways and small? wants to feature them and is offering prizes for each winner!

What does a Student of the Month look like?

  • A student who's learning in the face of adversity
  • One who's building amazing things with computer science
  • Or, one who's helping their peers learn, and is bringing computer science to others.

Do you know a Teacher of the Month?

  • A teacher who is engaging or inspiring students in an exceptional way?
  • One who's working hard to spread computer science beyond their classroom?

Every winning teacher will receive a $500 gift card from and be featured online.

Please share your nominations to help celebrate students and teachers of all experience levels.

To nominate a Student of the Week, go to:

To nominate a Teacher of the Month, go to:


Garth said...

Have you seen It has some glitches at the moment but it looks interesting.

Alfred C Thompson II said...

I haven't looked at it but I will now.