Thursday, February 20, 2014

Twitter Accounts for CSTA Members To Follow

Patrice Gans has a great post on the CSTA blog about Creating a Professional Learning Network that I wanted to share. Normally I would just include a link on my Monday morning interesting links page but I wanted to add a bit more value. The post lists CSTA board members and staff who have Twitter accounts. I have included that list with hot links to make it easier for people to add them to their Twitter accounts.

Also I am building a twitter list of CSTA people at
Obviously all of these people are already on it but I want to build it out some more. So if you are an active CSTA member who tweets please let me know your Twitter username by tweeting to me at @alfredtwo or leaving a comment here.

CSTA Board Member and Staff Twitter Accounts

  • Lissa Clayborn - @CSTALissa
  • Myra Deister - @shhsMath
  • Patrice Gans - @reesegans
  • Michelle Lagos - @mglagos
  • Karen Lang - @kmclang
  • Irene Lee - @ProjectGUTS
  • Pat Phillips - @patjphillips
  • Tammy Pirmann - @tammypirmann
  • Chris Stephenson - @chrisstephenso
  • Alfred Thompson - @alfredtwo

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