Monday, March 24, 2014

Interesting Links 24 March 2014

Supposedly spring arrived in New England last week. The daffodils working their way up in my front yard suggest that may actually have happened. The piles of snow that still fill other parts of my yard suggests I not get too excited yet. I hope the weather where you are has been good. Rather than bore you with more small talk about the weather here now some links I think you may be more interested in reading.

First off some Computer Science Teachers Association news.

There was some discussion about how teaching computer science can be difficult this week. Check out:

Mark Guzdial shares A kind of worked examples for large classrooms. I wonder about sharing links to Mark’s blog only because if you are teaching computer science you should be a regular reader of his blog. And then I remember that some link love will help more people find his stuff so I link for that reason as well as to highlight stuff I think is particularly good.

Code.Org has started naming teachers of the month and students of the week.

Politicians seem to be noticing computer science as an issue lately.

Mike Zamansky (another blog you should be reading regularly) writes about Teaching Sorting - Subtle Errors

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