Monday, March 03, 2014

Interesting Links 3 March 2014

Last week was school vacation week and cat on bugsI spent a lot more time than usual off line. I even got in a day of snowboarding. I don’t have as many links as usual but I think the ones I do have are good ones.

You can find non paying internships or you can study some computer science and find a few good paying internships. Most of the companies on that list are in the software business. Names like Google, Microsoft and Twitter. Tough to get but so worth it on so many levels.

Mike Zamansky had a couple of very good posts last week.

  • I guess I'm a dumbass  On one lever this is about his relationship with his students but on an other there is a great way to teach students about merge sort.
  • Change the data is about how using different data can make solving some open ended problems easier.

Learning to Code  by Doug Peterson (@DougPete) is, as you might expect, about different ways to learn to code. Some good stuff in the comments as well. I love when a blog post becomes a conversation.

New from is a site that Lets You Program Your Own Game Of Flappy Bird

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Anonymous said...

I prefer:

100 bits of data on the bus
100 bits of data
You take one down and short it to ground
FF bits of data on the bus!

(Worst part is that it wraps around, never ending 8^)