Sunday, March 23, 2014

Microsoft Global Forum 2014

Recently Microsoft ran their big annual Microsoft Global Forum which brings together top teachers with technology from all over the world. I really want to go some day. I have attended parts or all of a couple of the US Forums in the past when they ran a big event to choose who to send to the global event and they were amazing experiences. I met some outstanding teachers there and have kept have in touch with a continue to learn from a number of them.
I followed the event as well as I could from Twitter (there were a lot of tweets from the event) and Facebook (A number of my friends were there) and managed to learn a few things and enjoy the event vicariously. I still want to go in person one day.
I have collected a number of blog posts from teachers and others who were there that I’d like to share. You can probably find more information with a quick search engine look as well. But this will give you a flavor of what sort of an amazing professional development experience it was.

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