Monday, May 19, 2014

Interesting Links 19 May 2014

The only blog post I wrote was the Monday morning links post. I feel like I’m slacking off but I sure was overloaded with other things to do last week. Some of the links below deserve posts of their own and if I have time this week I’ll have more to say about several of them. But just in case go read them now. Smile

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Lately, Coding: But mostly a video game (Elliot Soloway) Interesting take on the pros and mostly cons of learning to code via what amount to video games from Mark @guzdial

What It Takes to be a Successful High School Computer Science Teacher  Another post by Mark @guzdial this time at blog@CACM A must read in my opinion.

Stretch your programming skills: 4 languages you should learn this year An interesting list. Not sure I agree completely but it is something to think about.

Microsoft Research Launches Code Hunt Game to Teach Programming More gameification of learning to program.

Annual self review of my Python course  Garth Flint takes a close look at his Python course.

Microsoft is running free Youthspark summer camps, starting July 2 at various local Microsoft stores. Read about them at Helping Students Learn Through the Summer

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Not everyone will be a programmer Good stuff from Laura Blankenship who by the way recently won an election to the CSTA Board.

The winners of the Grand C++ Error Explosion Competition I’m not so sure that winning a competition like this is a good thing. On the other hand I am amazed at how easily one simple error can generate huge numbers of errors.

NY Times debate - Computing in the Classroom -  What do you think? Mark Guzdial takes exception to some statements on both sides of the issue at his Computing Education blog.

The rise of coding in K-12.... Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Lately, Coding | NY Times

Almost 6000 views in it's first few weeks - have you read Microsoft UK’s Computer Science in the National Curriculum ebook (regarding the Curriculum in England) yet?  

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Garth said...

"What it takes to be a successful HS CS teacher" articles are always interesting reads. What is CS, teacher training, in-service training, different levels of students (APCS, mainstream) all get involved.