Monday, May 05, 2014

Interesting Links 5 May 2014

Well back to school for me today. I didn’t plan on much Internet time last week (school break) but it turned out that the weather was horrible and I stayed indoors more than I’d planned. So I do have one or two links to share. First of some last minute aid for students taking the APCS exam this week.

Rebecca Dovi has some flashcards and some advice to students taking the APCS exam on her blog at AP Computer Science Exam Review Worksheet you can follow Rebecca on twitter via @superCompSci. I do.

Speaking of Twitter – a lot of education discussion happens on Twitter. So much so that Twitter itself has taken notice. Twitter Exec Reports that Educators Dominate the Twitter sphere

Did you see my post last week about HSFCTF: A Cybersecurity Competition For High School Students  Looks interesting. I’ll be talking about it to my students today.

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