Monday, May 26, 2014

Interesting Links 26 May 2014

There are still a couple of weeks of school for me and my students. Well the seniors are done with their finals on Friday but underclassmen  have some time after that. I should be thinking about summer vacation but I find myself thinking a lot about how to do things better next year. Interestingly enough most of this weeks links seem to largely have a forward looking slant to them. Take a look.

Constructionism for Adults by Mark Guzdial @guzdial I talked to Mark about this last week and told him he gave me something to think about on my flight home. And it did. Take a read.

Save the date! CS Ed Week is Dec 8-14, 2014 Will it be centered around an Hour of Code again or something completely different? Really not too early to put it on your and your school’s calendar.

Super Computer Science: AP Computer Science Teacher Training Rebecca Dovi links to resources AP CS teachers will really find useful.

A true CS course for next year by Garth Flint. Like me Garth is already thinking about how to do things next year. I find his introspection valuable to my thinking and I think you will as well.

Code matters – a thought provoking post by Bertrand Meyer. One great line that may get you to read is this one:

It is a pretty general rule that people arguing that language does not matter are partisans of bad languages.

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