Monday, June 09, 2014

Interesting Links 9 June 2014

Well my seniors are done. Graduation was yesterday. The Salutatorian had several interesting and funny things to say. Perhaps because it is a Catholic school some of it was in Latin too! A former student was by to see a cousin graduate and told me all about his career in computing which was great. Nice to know I didn’t mess him up too much. I have a lot of links to share this week. I hope you find some of them as interesting as I did.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT LANGUAGES FOR EARLY CS INSTRUCTION IS IMPORTANT by Eugene Wallingford @wallingf which relates closely to a recent post by Mark Guzdial Hands up who likes PHP? The role of popular programming languages in Computing Education

Self driving cars are coming which leads danah boyd to  ask Will my grandchildren learn to drive? I expect not  Something i need to discuss with my students. And think about myself.

There are some 35 teams from around the world across 3 categories headed to the Imagine Cup world wide finals. (See Meet the Imagine Cup 2014 World Finals Teams! ) Only one US team is going. A few years ago we could count on several US teams there. Should the US be worried? I wonder. See my old post on What Is It With US Students and Programming Contests?

The problem with hacker schools  is one of several posts which inspired my own post On Being a Software Developer. Have you looked at so-called hacker schools? What do you think about these apparent “short cuts?”"

Study Computer Science!!: A fun ad (a YouTube video)  for AP CS by a high school student. Nicely done.

What we should be teaching in CS by Laura Blankenship. Personally I think we need some help with this question – especially for younger students.

Navy Puzzle Challenge Blends Social Media, Cryptology I’m seeing more and more of this sort of thing. People who are looking for smart creative people to hire are using interesting and innovative ways to find them.

Bill Genereux @billgx passed on a link to How to (really) get girls into coding  in which Lydia Loizides  @lydiaNYC takes on the question from a woman’s point of view. Do you agree with her?

Garth Flint asks a big question - How expensive are good teachers? 

New from Mark Guzdial - Why Counting CS as Science or Math is Not Considered Harmful writing at the blog@CACM.

Scott Hanselman @shanselman says that This URL shortener situation is officially out of control. I have to agree. I am spending extra time these days preparing this link just getting rid of “short links” that seem to get several deep at times. At a point this becomes unhelpful.

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