Sunday, July 13, 2014

Code Hunt Contest for CSTA 2014 Attendees

Looks like you have to be registered for the CSTA 2014 conference for this one. I am and I’d like a Surface Pro 2 which is the big prize. Code Hunt is a very cool project from Microsoft Research (I’ve written about it before and tried it a little with students last year.) The idea is to make coding (and problem solving) a game. The UI is pretty good as it lets one enter and test code with the system showing you results. You have two programming language options BTW – C# (my preference) and Java (like one uses with AP CS students.)

If you are going to be at the CSTA Conference visit the Code Hunt CSTA 2014 web page for more information. For more on Code Hunt itself check out the main Code Hunt page. To be honest I like playing with the puzzles myself. I find it interesting and even challenging.



Anonymous said...

Who won this prize ?
there are 4 contestants with same score

Alfred C Thompson II said...

I don't know who won. I believe it went to the first one who completed all the puzzles. It wasn't me though. :-(

Anonymous said...

How much score winner got to get first position?