Saturday, March 14, 2015

Choose to Code With TouchDevelop

Looks like a good chance to earn some money for school projects and introduce students to programming. Open to US public schools only unfortunately.  More information from the Choose to Code website.

Teach your students to code in just one hour. Earn $500 in classroom funding from! The first 200 teachers to complete Choose to Code will receive $500 in classroom funding from

Here's how the program works:

Sign up for Choose to Code.
Create your Choose to Code class and add your students.


Work with your students to complete the eight Microsoft TouchDevelop coding courses.It only takes an hour to complete all eight courses at one time or you can do each course separately, it’s up to you.


Submit proof of the completed courses & your signed Microsoft Gifting Letter* and receive a $500 gift code to use at


Linda Noss said...

The Specs have changed a bit for the better. It is not $750 per 15 completed websites, up to 5 teachers in one school can participate, each teacher gets one voucher. They are also taking the first 400 teachers that qualify.

Unknown said...

Is there a Choose to Code for the fall of 2016?

Alfred Thompson said...

Not that I know of. If I hear of one I will blog about it.