Monday, March 23, 2015

Interesting Links 23 March 2015

Some great links this week. Images to use in class, a video for a TV show (yes about girls computing), and lots more. One of my best collections in recent weeks if I do say so myself.
Program Computers, Not Kids is a great post by Vicki Davis aka @coolcatteacher Key line?
If you see technology controlling students, then you’ve got a classroom using 21st century technology for 20th century teaching. If you see students creating and programming the technology, then you’ve got a more modern classroom approach.
XNA is no more but as the phoenix rises from the ashes MonoGame, may be the replacement. the next generation . Check it out for multi-platform game creation. And a way to continue to use any XNA curriculum you may have.
iD Tech and are giving 100 Girls Scholarships to Attend Summer STEM Program See the web site for more information
Zoomable map of undersea cables connecting the world of the Internet. Great as a topic of discussion. Ask students why Bermuda has so many connections. I suspect it is because of money. Bermuda is a world-wide center of international reinsurance.
Late last week I posted a large collection of questions to use while interviewing candidates for Computer Science teaching jobs.
Are you using Scratch? You may find these printable graphics of Scratch commands useful.
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The TV show Road Trip Nation is looking for a couple of people between 18 and 30.
Roadtrip Nation and Microsoft are teaming up to send 3 young people with backgrounds that are underrepresented in the technology industry and who are interested in computer science on a cross-country adventure to discover the exciting--and growing --possibilities in the industry. Selected individuals will travel in Roadtrip Nation’s Green RV, and will interview professionals all over the country who have turned their passion for computer science into fulfilling careers. The experience will be filmed and will appear on Roadtrip Nation's long-running documentary series, which follows young people all over the world as they seek to figure out their futures. More information at Roadtrip Nation: Code Trip Application 
Early wearable computer: Qing Dynasty abacus ring. You know it’s cool!
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Willy Kjellstrom said...

Nice collection of links, Alfred. Thanks for posting. Off the top of your head, do you know the program that was used in the Cierra Ramirez video? I watched the clip and I am guessing it is something from Google.

Alfred C Thompson II said...

I am pretty sure they used things from Made With Code is a Google sponsored program. One of several things they are doing to promote more students learning computer science.

Garth said...

I want that ring! Don't need no Apple watch!

Alfred C Thompson II said...

It is a cool ring isn't it.

Garth said...

I need this.

I collect old calculators and adding devices. I have about 50 slide rules, several addiators, a set of Napiers bones (made by me), a TI SR-50, a Sharp EL-5500II with printer, a Casio fx-7500G, a Casio fx-7000G. I have got to add some abacuses to the geek collection.