Monday, June 29, 2015

Interesting Links 29 June 2015

I’m at ISTE in I’ve already connected with a few old friends and hope to connect with many more. If you are also at ISTE I hope you’ll track me down. I’m attending as many CS related sessions as I can. For links this week I have a mix. Some information about what looks like a great professional development opportunity and some humor for teaching about passwords among other things.

Last week Microsoft hosted a teacher boot camp  for about 40 teachers to learn about teaching with the material that is used in Harvard’s famous CS50 course. They are hosting a second on at Harvard in early August. More information at

Katie O'Shaughnessey@KTOCompSci (shown below) has been blogging about the Redmond boot camp. I think she had fun!

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Spaceballs 12345 is a funny bit from the classic movie Spaceballs it’s a humorous example of bad passwords

Bloomberg Business has an interesting article about The Old Coding Languages That Refuse to Die How did they leave out BASIC? 

Five of the Best Computer Science Classes in the U.S. is also from Bloomberg Business. You’ll find Harvard’s CS 50 on the list.

9 App Features That Developers Should Consider When Creating EdTech Apps is an interesting article from Sam Patterson @SamPatue If you are thinking about having students write educational applications

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