Monday, June 08, 2015

Interesting links 8 June 2015

Final exam week at my school. Friday will be the last day for teachers. Assuming I get my grading done by then it will be summer time.   I lot to do around the house before I head down to Philadelphia for ISTE. I’m figuring out what sessions to attend today in between grading breaks. I’ve got a few good links to share. Some of them may suggest things to fit into next year’s curriculum planning. And for lab decorations!

NCWIT has a list of 46 girls-only summer tech programs. I think it is great that there are programs just for girls. Most programs are aimed at everyone but seem to attract almost only boys. In the long run we need programs that are more comfortable and safe for everyone though.

The ISTE Computing Teachers Network newsletter is now out and online. Lots of great information (15 pages worth).

Lee Kolbert has a post with a video about Intellectual Property - What's The Big Deal? It’s one of many from CommonCraft  

Coding Explained in 25 Profound Comics  a collection of CS/programming related cartoons. Some of them are pretty funny and some of them may be appropriate for a school computer lab bulletin board.

Check out this selection of student artwork created with the turtle feature in TouchDevelop

Calm TDKeep Calm Computing posters to adorn your classroom: These are based around TouchDevelop but I think they’ll fit in a lot of classrooms. I have a couple of them posted in my lab.

Visualizing how much code there is in different code bases  I see a new poster in my future.

9 programming languages and the women who created them Most of them were in the early years when software was seen as a woman’s job. Men did hardware. Others of them were as parts of teams which included men but typically only the men’s names are mentioned. All lead to other things and expanded the art and engineering of software.

Brand new on Kickstarter: from Codespiration. stories and activities to get kids coding. Looks interesting but I’d love to hear what others think.

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