Monday, July 13, 2015

Interesting Links 13 July 2015

Usually I write these up on Sunday so it will be ready first thing in the morning on Monday. This week I am at the annual CSTA Conference and I was in networking events and a great workshop by Mark Guzdial and Barbara Ericson followed by some great discussions until it was past time to go to bed. So I put this together in the lobby of the conference hotel between more conversations. If you teach K-12 computer science and are not here I hope you’ll try and make the one next year. If you are here please make sure to find me and say hello.

The University of San Francisco is running a free computing workshop for middle & high school girls in the bay area.: Coding for middle-school & high-school girls (Aug 10-14) Sign up at .GirlTechPower

Office Mixes to introduce coding games in Kodu and TouchDevelop Some cool projects to get started with here.

Do blocks equal "making" and text equal "coding"? Doing MediaComp in Blocks-Based Languages by Mark @guzdial

Computer Science Education Blog Roll  updated with @moixland Daniel Moix's blog

New Self-Paced Computational Thinking Course for Educators from Google

A complete list of Microsoft SDKs for developers : I’ve been looking at the list to get ideas for interesting projects both for class and for myself.

Finishing up with a thought for the week.

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