Monday, July 06, 2015

Interesting Links 6 July 2015

Last week was ISTE. I’m still sorting through all the information I received. And just one week until the CSTA Conference. Very excited for that one. Hope to see many of you there. And now a few links I managed to collect to share.

The fastest growing AP exam in the past 5 years: Computer Science!  Yea us! On the other hand as one friend pointed out is AP CS really the metric we want to count as our main success factor?

Science Fiction Reading for Computer Scientists: Summer 2015 from the blog@CACM via Communications of the ACM I’ve read several of these. Interesting picks. What would you add/remove?

New Minecraft in education website – I still don’t “get” Minecraft. Someone help me out.

The Ethics of Cyberwar another great discussion piece from the blog@CACM via Communications of the ACM

Kinect helps detect PTSD in combat soldiers :  A little bit of artificial intelligence stuff going on.

Why Many Computer Science Programs Are Stagnating My reply:

A flawed article in several ways. One way is that it quotes the 2001 and 2008 ACM/IEEE recommendations without mentioning the changes made in the 2013 report. For example the 2013 recommendations explicitly add a lot of recommendations on security. The ACM/IEEE committees should have more industry members (the 2013 had several including me) but often industry is not that interested in helping. The post also ignores the fact that a great many universities have industry advisory boards (I have served on several myself) and pay quite a bit of attention to them. That being said I do think there should be more cooperation between university and industry.

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