Monday, February 08, 2016

Interesting Links 8 February 2016

We’re into the second semester at my school and things are off to a good start. Although we did miss a day last Friday because of snow. I had my programming students do some puzzles on Code Hunt. They could write and test code in the web browser no matter what computer they have. Winning!
I collected a bunch of good links to share including some I found while staying home from school. Always working. Smile

Like to bring Computer Science to your high school? Apply to teach CS50 AP. Workshops include CEUs and certification. Upcoming workshops in in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Washington, District of Columbia, London, United Kingdom, Redmond, Washington, San Diego, California, and beyond. Training by Harvard University with funding from Microsoft. Training is free. Travel and Expenses on you.

CS Discoveries is the newest curriculum-in-development from - an introductory Computer Science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with CS as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.
How to write unmaintainable code – a prety interseting and some time humorous look at what not to do when writing code. 
Mesa day care worker fired over social media post   Kids think SnapChat is safe for them because images "go away." They're wrong.
A student’s concussion leads to Kinect-enabled diagnostic app Sure is interesting when a student combines knowledge of software development with a personal interest in a problem. 
Programming Software for Beginners revisited Garth Flint has one of his students review various programming software tools for beginning programmers. 
The only way is ethics Miles Berry writes about the need for including ethics in courses teaching about computing. He is on Twitter at  @MBerry
Why We Need to Teach Kids to Code By Abby Fichtner AKA @HackerChick Hacker in Residence at Harvard and cooler than I could ever be.
Win a trip to the Imagine Cup World Finals with new Hello Cloud Machine Learning activities! An event in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competitions still open for students to start. 

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