Monday, January 14, 2013

Interesting Links 14 January 2013

It's half way through January. How’s it going so far? Been interesting for me so far. Hope to have some news about my future plans soon as well. For now, always looking for interesting resources, articles, events, and what not for computer science teachers. here now this week’s list.
I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this  Academic Ranking of World Universities in Computer Science – 2012 But it was an interesting read. I was surprised to see how many universities from Israel made the list. It’s a pretty small country to have that many top CS schools. The US as you might expect dominates the list though.
Students Create, Program Original Ed-Games via Doug Bergman and Porter-Gaud School is a write up  by Grant Lichtman @GrantLichtman about some of the projects that are going on in Doug Bergman’s classes. Doug is a great guy and an outstanding teacher. I love the term “structured but chaotic” that Doug uses.
Awesome video about the work being done by Lou Zulli and his students.  Lou has his students doing real projects that not only teach a lot but benefit the school they attend.
The Pros and Cons of Computer Labs mostly for general education but has some relevance for teaching technology as well. Is it time to revisit the whole idea of dedicated computer labs in schools? If so to be replaced by what?
From Logo > to Kodu > to Mobile Phone Applications is a post by Ray Chambers that talks about his personal teaching journey from Logo to Kodu to looking forward to Phone development.
A couple of looks at what software development is like in the so-called real world:
Alice and Scratch lovers: Here is a competition to create a story or game about having super powers!
Your Subject Association Doesn't Need a Web Site in which Doug Peterson @Dougpete talks about alternative ways an organization can build up their Internet footprint, communicate better all without the need for a traditional web site.
Why American Students Are Trailing in Computer Science An interesting opinion piece on the Huffington Post via @HuffPostEdu


Garth said...

It is interesting to look in the background of Lou Zulli video. There is more money in the tech of that one room than there is in my whole school!

Alfred Thompson said...

There has been some money spent at that school for sure. Inequality in school funding is a real problem without any easy answers.