Monday, January 07, 2013

Interesting Links 7 January 2013

Everyone back at school yet? A lot of universities are not while other have short January terms. Most K-12 schools in the US though are back. Some have started a new semester while others are finishing up their first. Either ways the days are getting longer. Smile 

Late in the day on Friday I posted Nerd Score, Geek Code and Over Reaching the Geek I wish I’d waited to post it as Friday, even early, is not a good time to post something one wants to get any attention.

A couple of important things from the CSTA – Computer Science Teachers Association

My friend Tara Walker continues her series on Windows 8 Game Development using C#, XNA and MonoGame 3.0 with the latest article on Updating Graphics

The Computing Educators Oral History ( ) site has been updated.

The SIGCT newsletter for ICT and CS teachers is available. Lots of news about ISTE, TCEA and FETC

Towers and laptops and tablets – oh my! is a great post by Garth Flint that talks about the issues of what hardware to get for schools. More complicated than some outside of education think really.

Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award The Award recognizes outstanding contributions made by technology personnel or classroom teachers to technology education. The Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award rewards excellence in the development and delivery of technology programs. Programs which focus on aerospace and/or aeronautics will be given priority to other programs.

Kicked off Facebook, pre-teen creates his own social network via @todayshow

The Raspberry Pi Education Manual Teaches You Basic Computer Science Principles 

My  We Need More Operating Systems post had a ridiculous number of views last week. While there were an encouraging 11 comment here at the blog there are a great many more (95 or so) at Hacker News which is where the post got all the attention.

Yay for Recess: Pediatricians Say It’s as Important as Math or Reading I’ve long wondered if we’d have fewer behavior issues and more learning if kids had more time to blow off steam.

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