Monday, January 28, 2013

Interesting Links 28 January 2013

A couple of house keeping items to start. First off, did you know that you can get new blog posts by email? Yep, on the right side of the page is a little sign up for email updates that looks like this image-->
All you have to do is enter your email address and click on submit. You will get a confirmation email with instructions to complete the process. 
Secondly, one of the issues with moving to this blog location is that I lost a lot of the search engine juice I had at the old blog. This makes it hard for people to find this blog when they are searching either for me or for the information I am posting. If you find things here useful and have a web presence please think about linking here. I’d appreciate it.
Don Wetrick continues his web series of visits with teachers with FOCUS w. Guest Ms. Bottom and her Queen of the Holy Rosary students
New on the CSTA blog Training Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers
A new site with a goal of helping to promote computer science education called got a lot of attention last week. One project they have is to get people to catalogue the computer science courses they are teaching at their schools to help parents find schools. They are also working on a video project of some sort. I’ll be keeping an eye on this to see what develops.
Is there a creative teen in your life? Encourage them to enter the Microsoft Safer Online Teen Challenge.
Texas CS educators if you haven't heard, registration for HP CodeWars 2013 is now open! Get your teacher/sponsor to sign up at And this year, HP is also holding CodeWars events in Roseville, California and Taipei, Taiwan. Check it out! This is one of the largest in person high school programming contests around and HP does a great job hosting the students.
And least I forget, just for a little fun, HP has added a "CodeWars Style" video contest for this year. details at
Also in Texas is the Lone Star Invitational – TCEA TA-CS SIG state wide HS programming contest in Texas.
In the educational game space, Kinect Games v2.6 featuring Math Mage is now available. Math Mage looks like a fun game where students wave their hands like a magician to select the right answers to math questions. This is the latest from David Renton a teacher in Scotland.

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