Monday, January 21, 2013

Interesting Links Post 21 January 2013

One week until I face a new group of students. Unlike classroom visits in recent years these students are “mine” full time for a semester. Excited to say the least. For now I have a few interesting links to share.

The Computer Science Teachers Association has developed a document on CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards that is the go to place for looking at computing curriculum for K-12. With a lot of other national standards out these days the CSTA has released a series of documents that links the CSTA standards with several other standards.

Linking CSTA Standards with Other National Standards
When designing state and district standards and school courses and curricula, it is often helpful to know how the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards correspond with other common national standards. To help with these efforts, we have created a series of downloadable documents that match the CSTA standards to the following standards documents:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • STEM Cluster Topics
  • Partnership for the 21st Century Essential Skills

Also from the CSTA last week was information about  a Game Design Competition: The National STEM Video Game Challenge via the CSTA blog

Computer Programming For Kids 8 And Up A story on NPR.

Girls and Games: What’s the Attraction? via @zite

Take safety precautions online as seriously as you would in the real world. Here are 6 steps to help protect your computer.

Microsoft Achieve 2013: EduTech Family Summits for teachers, parents and students. Coming to a city near you.

Next App Star: See your app featured in a Windows Phone TV ad via @windowsblog

Microsoft reveals new Windows 8 app developer contest via @zite


Rob Miles said...

Best of luck with the teaching. Just remember that you've got one thing that none of the class have:

Thirty years start.....

Alfred Thompson said...

Thirty? OK let's go with thirty. Sounds much better than forty.