Thursday, April 18, 2013

Google Fellowship Opportunity for Up to 20 CS Teachers

For the past 3-4 months, Google has been working on a program that focuses on diversity and CS pipeline. They will be starting up a program to increase opportunities for middle and high school students in NC, SC & GA (where they have data centers), particularly girls and underrepresented minorities, to learn programming and computer science. Google will be hiring a number of newly-credentialed STEM teachers to become Google CS Fellows for a 2-year program that will be run in one of the data centers.
Google's plan is to hire 15-20 excellent new teachers to learn the latest in CS tools and pedagogy and spread it via after-school and CS clubs throughout the south. These teachers will work through the barriers and policy issues in the local region, with the goal of scaling up over the 2 years and getting CS into the classrooms in the south. Google's hope is that these teachers become leaders in CS education through this experience, after they finish their fellowship.
You can apply for the Google CS Fellowship at:!t=jo&jid=1241001&


Anonymous said...

The link to the Google page is incorrect, can you please correct it. Thank you

Alfred Thompson said...

I think it is working now. Not sure what happened before but I updated it and tested it.