Monday, August 12, 2013

Interesting Links 12 August 2013

Where has the summer gone. A week and a day before all teachers have to return to my school. Students the end of next week. It’s been a great summer but I’m looking forward to the new school year. How about you? Either way a lot of good links to share today. Hope you find something useful here.

I recently discovered Computing Education a research blog about computer science education by Cait Sydney Pickens, a graduate student at Michigan State University and a Noogler. A Noogler is a new employee at Google by  the way. She is doing some cs education research. A couple of good posts there to start you off are:

This blog has been added to my Computer Science Education blog roll BTW.  Have you checked the lost out recently?

APCS teachers have you seen these proposed AP CS A labs? The case study is going away after the 2014 school year. Labs something like these on Paul Tymann’s web site will replace it. Deepa Muralidhar has been blogging about AP CS Principles portfolios which are a part of this whole thing on her blog most recently at CS Principles Portfolios: Data

CS Educator Interviews: The Index  Now with 16 different teachers interviewed. The most recent two being:

At the CSTA conference this summer I took part in a mobile app “throw down”  where people  used Apple iOS, App Inventor for Android and Windows Phone to develop the same app. The session was recorded and you can watch it here.

Speaking of Windows Phone app development, Rob Miles has been creating some Windows Phone App Studio Screencasts Also at Windows Phone App Studio for an introduction to this tool.

Google Computer Science Teaching Fellows Starting Up in Charleston, SC. I am following this with interest. That link is to the Google Research blog. There is also this news article about the program at the Berkeley Independent - Google pilots teaching program in Berkeley County.

Outstanding post by @PaulRWood for all teachers  Keep an eye out to be the difference for a student.

Is your school still using Windows XP? Make sure your administrators read this (Kill your Windows XP systems before they kill you) and suggest they act responsibly.

From the Kodu Team @koduteam

Looking for a batch of fresh Kodu games to keep you entertained? Why not give this collection uploaded this week  look.

From @CSEdWeek: Computing in the Core member Google announces 2014 Google RISE Awards opened for submissions.

Tips for teaching Computing for the first time (list of resources included) Not just for first timers either!

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