Monday, August 05, 2013

Interesting Links 5 August 2013

I turned 3C years old yesterday.  That’s in Hex of course.  011  1100 in binary. In place of presents post a link to my blog on your blog, Facebook and/or Twitter. Smile I spent much of last week at Walt Disney World having a real vacation. It was a great time but now I am starting to think that there is a lot I need to do to prepare for the new school year. Some of the links below may help me with that. Especially this first one.
First week of school... What are you doing? Getting close. About three weeks for me. Less for some of my friends. In this post Crystal Furman writes about some of her plans.
Senators Casey and Rubio Introduce Legislation to Bolster K-12 Computer Science Education Looks like people in DC are finally starting to “get it” that there is a problem that needs fixing.
Don't let the dulcet tones fool you—these girls are sick of being called fake geeks is one of several videos making the rounds this week. Another is the She++ video. Mark Guzdial give some cautionary advice about that one on his blog at She++: The Documentary and The Audience
The Today Show features a story on CS in schools Hadi Partovi teaches Ryan Seacrest to program! Some good exposure for computer science education in this other widely referenced story/video.
Michigan Teachers Learn To Use 3D Printing In The Classroom I still have mixed feelings about 3D printing. It seems so cool but I don’t really know how I would use one in the classroom. Looking for success stories from other teachers. Know any?
CS Educator Interviews: The Index  now highlighting fourteen computer science teachers. Most recently:
PACE, the Partnership for Advancing Computing Education now has a web site
PACE, the Partnership for Advancing Computing Education, is a coalition of professional organizations concerned with meeting the global demand for a well-prepared, well-informed, and diverse computing workforce. PACE provides a clearinghouse for members to communicate their visions and efforts toward these goals, helps members to identify common issues and interests, and engenders collaboration that leads to cross-organization unified effort.


Garth said...

Congrats on 3C. Not as bad as you thought is it?

Alfred Thompson said...

They say that 3C is the new 32 but on a good day I still feel closer to 28. All in Hex of course. :-)