Monday, August 19, 2013

Interesting Links 19 August 2013

Summer ends for me tomorrow as my school starts with a professional development day for teachers. First full day with students is Friday. I’ve done some preparation over the summer but somehow not as much as I thought I would.  Things are about to get really busy. How about you? Any of you started school already? Well let’s take a look at some interesting links while there is still some time.

If you haven’t started classes yet be sure and check out this post on the Computer Science Teachers Association blog -  First Day Activities Revisited

Doug Bergman talks about some of his students computer science projects. I *really* want to see my students do stuff like this during the coming school year.

NYC Department of Education Announces Three New Early College and Career Technical Education High Schools One of these is computer science focused. The idea is a six year program that includes high school and community college. These schools involve partnership with industry.

Congress is getting into the game with the Congressional App Challenge to promote Computer Science. They are on twitter at @congapps  This hasn’t started yet but you can sign up for information when it does start.

Who is Teaching Computer Science in US High Schools? on the CSTA blog reports on some interesting results from a research program about high school computer science teachers.

Honeycomb Rush Tutorial for Windows 8 (Presentation/Code from MonkeySpace Conference) by my friend Tara Walker

Computer Science Teacher: CS Educator Interviews: The Index updated with the latest CS teacher stories including:

Hadi Partovi: An Update from – This was the CSTA 2013 Closing Keynote this summer:

Active Recruiting - Attracting Girls into High School CS: Lecia Barker:

Blackbox: large scale programming education data collection » research on learning Java as part of BlueJ. If you are using BlueJ you’ll find this interesting.

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