Monday, August 26, 2013

Interesting Links 26 August 2013

School started for me last week. I showed off some sample Kinect apps to most of my classes. For some it was to talk about Binary Clockhuman computer interaction. For others is was to give them some ideas for projects later in the semester. I also showed off my Binary clock. With mixed opinions I might add.

I tweeted the image on the right and one of my Twitter followers replied with a link to this article they wrote about Binary clocks. You can read it at Binary Clock Fun.

And now for the usual round up of interesting links.

FREE Posters for Educators

The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing recognizes high school young women for their interest and aptitude in technology.  Applications are open 9/15-10/31 at  Aspirations in Computing currently offers over 300K in scholarships for young women in computing. Learn more at Request a poster for your school or organization at:

Google has started  an interesting program to send people into schools in South Carolina to run computer science programs after school. One of the program’s participants has written about the Google's New Computer Science Teaching Fellows Program in South Carolina on the CSTA blog. Cait Sydney Pickins who I interviewed earlier this month is part of this project.

A year ago I wrote about Ruth Hartsook’s CS Teaching Resources on this blog. Ruth recently let me know that her links had changed so I have updated the post with new links.

A new Blog@CACM post by Mark Guzdial: A stable future for computing ed requires schools of education. We can't do it from CS alone.

My series of interviews of computer science educators is up to 18 now with the addition of Tammy Andrew. Tammy teaches in a public high school during the regular school year but a private boarding school in the summer. Interesting read.

Don't Panic is my recent blog post on the CSTA blog. As a member of the board I’ll be posting there occasionally. Are you following the CSTA blog? Lots of good posts there.

Links to things I am working with on Kinect is a collection of links from my friend @SocalSam aka Sam Stokes. Looks useful to me.

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