Monday, September 16, 2013

Interesting Links 16 September 2013

Well I was able to blog more often last week. Paying a bit for it as I had a ton of grading to do over the weekend. When inspiration (or something that feels like it) strikes I blog. Grading is less fun though more important.

Tops in my links today are some calls for participation. Deadlines for submitting proposals to present at conferences come early. ISTE and CSTA are already open. I’m definitely submitting something for CSTA. Thinking about ISTE as I believe we need a lot more computer science talks there in order to make it the sort of conference that is really useful for CS educators.

Visit to learn how to become a session or workshop presenter at the 2014 CSTA annual conference July 14-15 in St. Charles, IL! This is the best conference for K-12 CS teachers going and you want to take part in some way or other.

The ISTE call for participation is also open at The more people who propose CS related sessions the more CS sessions we are likely to be able to get. If you are doing something cross curricula you will doubly want to propose a session on that.

Posters are out for the 2013-14 Award for Aspirations in Computing - download here.

I found a couple of lists of resources for teaching programming that are worth a look: 

Last week was programmers day -  100th day of the year - in Hex of course. It’s the 256th (or 28) day of the year in decimal.

A couple of blog posts from the Computer Science Teachers Association you should know about. 

A Missile Commander Game - Small Basic Featured Program

Finishing up with something for the serious math and crypto geeks - XORShift random number generators in Java

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