Monday, September 30, 2013

Interesting Links 30 September 2013

If you are a regular (or irregular) reader of my blog here I hope you will do me the honor of taking a few minutes to respond to a short survey I created last week. It is at  I thank you for you time and your readership. Here now the more interesting links.

Don’t forget that NCWIT is looking for high school girls with tech and computing aspirations for their 2013 NCWIT Aspirations Award: That is one of several items covered in my recent  Round Up of Student Technology Competitions 2013

Interesting things for students in New York City. Introducing CSTUY Hacking Sessions  for HS juniors and seniors in NYC. Also Brooklyn Robot Foundry - NYC's only robot building utopia for kids! On the web at and on Twitter at  @robotfoundry

Kinect for Windows  Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) (Channel 9)  via @ch9

A supercomputer in your pocket [infographic] Wish I could get a good size print out for my lab.

The Purple Voice is Going Green  The Computer Science Teacher newsletter going to e publication.

Binary Flippy Do - How To Rebecca Dovi explains how she teaches Binary numbers with a sort of flip chart.

Student Tech Squad One of the best things for any district tech program.

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