Monday, September 09, 2013

Interesting Links 9 September 2013

Busy week for me. Lots of stuff going on at school. Seems like the first few weeks of school wear me out no matter how hard I try to be prepared. I have fewer links than normal. I also posted fewer posts last week than normal. We’ll have to see how this week goes.
The ISTE call for participation is open - We need people to submit computer science talks!
Videos of many conference sessions from the 2013 CSTA Conference are now available! This was a great conference so if you missed it or missed sessions you were interested in you can watch them online now.
How Carnegie Mellon Increased the Proportion of Women in Computer Science From 7% to 42% Some advice here for more universities. Some of these ideas (support groups for girls for example) would be worth trying in high schools as well.
Very Young Programmers on the NY Times. Young means younger than 8. Wondering about this.
Rob Miles talks about one of the more obscure C# syntax features at  What does ?? mean in C# I’m probably going to skip talking about this one in my lower level courses. Too much thinking is involved. Still it is an interesting feature that could be useful in some applications.

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