Monday, October 14, 2013

Interesting Links 14 October 2013

Last week was Leif Erikson Day. Today in the US we celebrate some Italian guy who came to North America later. So I have no school. I’ll take it. A lot of stuff to catch up on. Including looking though links like the ones I share below.

Educational Robots for Absolute Beginners, (a course for teachers and others interested)

Bookmark this page: List of free programming books via @github

Windows 8.1, HID and a Missile Launcher (OK maybe not if you are at a school with a zero tolerance for “weapons” that includes toy missiles.) (Channel 9) via @ch9  But some of us think this looks like fun.

Standardize Your (CS) World  some information about computer science and standards from the CSTA Blog via @csteachersa

Confessions of an Elementary Computer Science Teacher is yet another good blog post on the CSTA blog

Using Kinect for Winnows SDK v1.8 to add speech recognition to your next web app (via @ch9) Now that is an interesting idea. 

Databases - the next day more about the database unit that Mike Zamansky it running with his students. via @zamansky

Western New York CSTA Fall K-12 Teacher's Conference: WNY Computes May be of interest for CS teachers in and around Western New York State. 

Big Ideas Roundup  The latest update from Rebecca Dovi about her pilot course of Computer Science Principles. Follow Rebecca on Twitter

Round Up of Student Technology Competitions 2013 updated to include ACSL.

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