Monday, October 07, 2013

Interesting Links 7 October 2013

I’m staring off today with two other sets of links. Some good resource lists created by some friends of mine.

Michelle Lagos, International Representative to the CSTA Board of Directors has an interesting article called Confessions of an Elementary Computer Science Teacher about her experiences teaching CS in elementary school.

Congratulations to Mike @zamansky and @cstuyrun on coverage of the Saturday hack sessions for high schoolers! “It’s the first major effort to teach non-Stuyvesant students by his non-profit organization, “CSTUY," a name that reads as a play on Stuyvesant (called “Stuy” for short), but stands for Computer Science and Technology for Urban Youth.”

Students Are 'Hacking' Their School-Issued iPads: Good for Them by one of my favorite education journalists Audrey Watters in The Atlantic. If you’ve been reading about the 1:1 programs that are causing issues in some school districts this is a must read.

Program the Microsoft Kinect with Scratch is an interesting application of Kinect technology and the Scratch block programming environment created by Stephen Howell @saorog

Have you seen the new Kinect For Windows Library (including Kinect Web Applications) from Microsoft?

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