Monday, October 28, 2013

Interesting Links 28 October 2013

The first quarter at my school closed last Friday. The year seems to be flying by. I guess it is true what they say about time flying when you are having fun. I hope your year is going well. And now some interesting links to share.

Starting in 2014-15, the AP Computer Science A GridWorld case study will be replaced with a required hands-on lab component. It’s a big change and if you are currently teaching AP CS A and/or are planning on teaching it next school year you’ll want to take a lot a this on the College Board website: New Computer Science A Labs for 2014-15

Not much time left to apply for the Aspirations Award! Know a HS girl who loves computing? Encourage her to apply here:

Interested in incorporating some hardware hacking into your computer science program? Take a look at "Learning to Program in Visual Basic .NET and Gadgeteer"

Ray Chambers writes about how Touch Develop is Not just for programmers!

Tynker @gotynker has their Hour of Code page up This is only one of the first. Are you ready for Computer Science Education week and an Hour of Code?

Watch the original video from the Lost Interview - Steve Jobs on Computer Science:

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