Monday, December 16, 2013

Interesting Links 16 December 2013

website-linksI tweeted a lot last week. I mean a real lot. Made it hard to sift through for the stuff with more lasting value than just all the great Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code stuff I retweeted. But I did it. Hope you find some value here.

My Computer Science Educator Interviews: The Index has been  updated with a new interview with Emmanuel Schanzer. I hope you caught that interview which I posted on Friday. Emmanuel is a great guy running a really good program. See this related opinion piece in the NY Times: When students have fun with math, they embrace STEM careers. Making algebraic video games is a great start!

CSTA's Equity Committee (I’m a committee member) announced the winners for its "We Are the Faces of Computing" poster competition.

Speaking of the Hour of Code program.    Do you need more #HourofCode certificates for your class? Create new ones here:

Google Computer Science First is looking for volunteers. To learn more about Google CS First, check out their slide deck!

There have been some detractors to Hour of Code. The best reply I have seen is this one by Doug Peterson  (@DougPete) Why Coding?

Does Computer Science Count in Your State? In this post from last week I link to a number of petitions asking states to let computer science count for meeting a graduating requirement.

DreamWorks Presents the Power of Supercomputing: A short funny video about what super computers are doing.

From Grace Hopper to Ada Lovelace: women who revolutionized computer science highlights some impressive women in CS. Some familiar and some not so familiar.

Why are English (and lots of other) majors studying computer science? Interesting article from Mark Guzdial @guzdial

Great Ebook (style & content):  Try an Hour of Code in an Ebook for Computer Science Education week 

Hour of Code - Why Computer Science Education Matters : This post is by Dan Kasun at Microsoft. 

The Foundry: Driving Innovation, Design & Opportunity  Cool summer internship opportunity for college students

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