Monday, December 23, 2013

Interesting Links 23 December 2013

Christmas Break! I teach in a Catholic school so we call it that. I’m out of school until January 6th for a nice 16 day break. I have some grading to catch up and I will be doing my lesson planning for the final two weeks of the semester as well. But a lot of the time will be spent with family and friends. Expect fewer blog posts for the next two weeks. Below are a few things I found interesting over the last week though.

Some cool Education Windows 8 Apps for Kids... and How to Rate Apps in Windows 8 is a post from Dan Kasun based largely on his views as a parent.

Cool video about Facebook's take on why we need more women in tech.

The first draft of the program for the annual CSTA Conference this summer is up (PDF)  I think it is pretty amazing with multiple choices for me to attend in each session. Hope to see you there.

Every other month I do a guest post in the CSTA blog. This month’s post is  Overcoming the Isolation of the Computer Science Teacher Take a read.

Mark Guzdial takes on Google’s latest funding for professional development with a post called Google’s mistake: CS teacher PD must be on-line only As usual Mark says it better than I can. Though I did address it in part in  MOOCs For Teacher Training–Not a Fan

Data Structure Visualizations  There are some cool tools here.

Not Just About Numbers: A Young Woman's Perspective on Computer Science Education via the Huffington Post Education @HuffPostEdu

Free art for computer games - -  the answer for programmer art?

International Women’s Hackathon 2014mrc-event-page-ad-270x180

April 25–27, 2014 | Worldwide on university campuses and live at the USA Science & Engineering Festival, Washington DC

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