Monday, December 02, 2013

Interesting Links 2 December 2013

It was a short work week for me last week. Well as far as school was concerned.chain links Only two days. I spent no time the rest of the week on school work. Not a completely smart thing as I have grading to catch up on. Oh well. I was busy with other things like giving thanks for so many wonderful things in my life. I did spend some time on the Internet and did collect some links to share. I hope you find something useful below.
Students of All Majors Should Study Computer Science I love this line from the end “In addition to attractive career opportunities in information technology, students from all fields want to learn computer science to learn to how to change the world.”
Programming Power? Does Learning to Code Empower Kids? Some things to think about in that article.
Can Kano, a computer anyone can make, get kids coding? A new project built around the Raspberry Pi.
Getting and Keeping Computer Science Teachers in K-12 A look at the issues around retention of goo computer science teachers on the CSTA blog.
Bucket Sorting a new post by Mike Zamansky @zamansky This is pretty much how punch card sorters did things BTW. We do an exercise around this where students sort themselves by making from bucket to bucket. I need to write up something on that.
Check out @khanacademy's Hour Of Code tutorial intro video at I love the interdisciplinary references.
Two new posts by Garth Flint last week. Check them out.
Teasing apart the issues of women in computing: Impact of Hollywood by Mark Guzdial @guzdial Mark makes some great points. Things are not as cut and dried as we’d like to think they are.
Spanning the Chasm of the K–12 and Post-Secondary Relationship Chris Stephenson from the CSTA posts on the blog@CACM  We’ve come a long way but I think there is a lot of room for progress yet.
If you want to be a better person... teach from Innovation in the Classroom by Don Wettrick   on Twitter at @donwettrick

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