Sunday, December 28, 2014

Professional Development Online–Is Twitter the Best?

Last week Audrey Watters wrote a blog post that asked Is Twitter the Best Option for Online Professional Development? Now I love Twitter (follow me there @AlfredTwo) and I learn a lot there. But while there is some good conversation going on there at times what I get the most value from on twitter are links to longer writing.

I learn the most online from reading blogs. Especially from the blogs of other computer science teachers. I have a Computer Science Education Blog Roll that I update when I find good blogs. Some of those blogs haven’t been updated in a while though.  I really wish more of you would blog. I have a lot to learn.

Audrey concluded her post with “I wonder if, in fact, "the future of professional development" might be a "return to blogging."” I say some of us never left. For the rest of you, jump in the water (and the learning) is fine.


Doug said...

I think that Twitter is a great ice breaker but, as you note, the real value comes from the resources shared and the thinking that happens when good people blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alfred.
I’m conducting PhD research into teacher professional learning using Twitter and other social media. I’d be really interested in your opinions. Would you be able to answer a few questions here on this post (or elsewhere)? There’s more information about my study here Participant Information together with my contact details should you have any questions, but there's of course no obligation.