Friday, December 12, 2014

International 3D Game Creation Activity for CSEdWeek

I saw this on the CSTA mailing list this morning. Looks like fun.

A collaboration between the University of Colorado, USA, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Nordwestern Switzerland has created an exciting international CS EdWeek activity featuring tutorials including videos in English, Spanish, German, and Italian (French still in progress). This activity is an extension of the NSF funded Scalable Game Design project.

The activity requires no download or signup and combines 3D authoring with a drag and drop programming web tool. One hour is sufficient to get students started and excited. Participants will receive a link to continue their projects if interested.

About the activity: Make a 3D Frogger-like game or create any game that you can imagine. Design 3D shapes, create 3D worlds, rule your world through programming and share your games with friends. Become 3D Programming unleashed! AgentCubes online, is the world's first 3D web-based programming & modeling tool. No prior programming or 3D modeling experience is required.

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