Monday, October 05, 2015

Interesting Links 5 October 2015

School is really rolling along for me. Last week we had our first progress reports due. This was followed up by a number of kids looking to make up missing work. Imagine that! On the outside of school there was a lot of news flowing around the Internet. More than the usual amount of links to share. Something for just about everyone. I’m pleased about the Small Basic with Kinect announcement. I’m going to try that this week. But far to much about me. Here are the links.
The Bottleneck in Increasing Accessibility to CS Education is Producing Enough CS Teachers from the blog@CACM Mark Guzdial writes about the elephant in the middle of the room when it comes to increasing accessibility of computer science education – lack of teachers!
What can I do today to create a more inclusive community in CS? Guest Post on Mark Guzdial’ s blog from Cynthia Lee. Lots of great suggestions!
Now open - THECNOLOchicas @technolochicas - web site for Latinas in technology
Garth Flint talks about what school is like for him this year as he upgrades some school software on a weekend. - I was bored watching an update so I figure I would babel. This is what it is like for a lot of high school computer science teachers who are also the IT support for their school.
Small Basic 1.2 Released with Kinect Support and Bug Fixes Microsoft Small Basic 1.2 includes Kinect for Small Basic, which introduces three new Kinect objects! It also expands the Dictionary object to translate in 7 languages, fixes the Dictionary object bug, and fixes another 7 crash and error bugs. It also features updated UI text for 15 languages! If you're using Windows XP or earlier operating systems, please download Small Basic 1.0 instead. Hey high school students, want to meet the folks who work on @Xbox One, @Windows & @Bing? Apply for Microsoft’s  high school internship: Local to Microsoft Redmond WA only unfortunately. How to tell if your child has a future in computer science Not sure I agree with this. Looks more like a list of what has traditionally been the the path into CS and not a real indication. I think we want to build more paths. What does a company like Microsoft need with the quietest room in the world? Interesting site about how Microsoft has the Guinness World Record for the quietest room in the world. Volkswagen and Cheating Software One of the world’s top security experts weighs in on the recent software to cheat in the news.

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I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much I love your blog. I get new entries delivered to my mailbox and always look forward to your "interesting links". You do such a good job of summarizing what's going on in the world of computer science education - it helps me see the big picture. Thanks so much.