Thursday, October 22, 2015

TechPrep -- a website to help people start programming careers

Facebook entered the efforts to help more people learn about programming yesterday with a new website. “TechPrep -- a website to help people start programming careers” It is a web site with links to all sorts of resources for learning. There are entry points for parents and for people who want to learn for themselves. As you might expect from a company like Facebook they have spent good money making the site inviting.

They have a nice section on why programming that includes stories from a very diverse set of people and jobs in the field. They really seem to want to highlight resources for under represented minorities.

I read some research recently (wish I could find the link) that says that many parents have trouble finding resources for helping their children learn about computer science and programming. The keywords they use are not always effective in search engines. Maybe the large reach of Facebook will help some with this problem.

Out of school programs have their place but I hope Facebook will be supportive of in school programs as well. Out of school learning often takes a certain level of resources that not every student has. Many students need school support and school resources. And personally I think that teachers add a lot of value that most learners really need.

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