Monday, December 28, 2015

Computer (and Math) Humor

Two Kinds

I like this one in part because it is subtle. There are two basic standards for opening the curly brace in C-type languages.  Not everyone will pick up on it. Is it important which way you do it? Actually no. It may not even be important if you stick to it. But some people really do insist that their way is the one true way and that everything else is wrong.

Of course there is also the group of people who think that curly braces and semi colons are crutches for compiler developers and that real programming languages don't need them.


I’ve seen this time and again. OK perhaps even felt the same way. When nothing seems to be working programming can be frustrating and even something to hate. But lots of us persist. And when it works it just feels so good.


OK it’s math not computer science. But is sure is fun.

afraid to compile_thumb[1]

I use VB_thumb[1]bugs gone bugs up_thumb[1]difficult_thumb[2]Programming a book_thumb[1]semi colon_thumb[1]

Christmas humor


This one is the for math teachers in the crowd.


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