Friday, December 04, 2015

Thymio–An interesting Looking Robot for Teaching

New things for teaching seem to appear every week. Sometimes they are around for a while before I find out about them. Apparently the world of computer science education does not revolve around me. :-) In any case I recently learned about the Thymio II robot. It’s a bit pricy at around $199 but it seems to have a lot of nice features including sensors and actuators. So I think it can serve as the basis for some complicated projects if that is a goal.
image is a robot developed in Europe for educational purposes. It provides three main features:
  • a large number of sensors and actuators,
  • an educative interactivity based on light and touch,
  • a programming environment featuring graphical and text programming.
They have a US distributor called TechyKids who also have curriculum.. It is run by a teacher who uses these robots in her classroom.
This is the latest entry to my list of Robots For Teaching Programming which I update as I learn of new robots. Let me know if I am missing any that I should list.

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