Monday, December 28, 2015

Interesting Links 28 December 2015

I just realized that this will be the last interesting links post of 2015. What a year it has been. Last week I spent less time online or thinking about school and computer science than usual. School was out for me but I had many things to fill my time with. Last minute Christmas shopping and dealing with home onwership problems. And then of course the Christmas celebration which was wonderful with my 15 month old grandson. But I still have a few links to share if you are looking for things to read and learn about.
Here is an interesting topic for class discusion or a “think piece” writing assignmnet. The problem with self-driving cars: who controls the code?

There is a new version of Kodu out. I may need to try it over break   You know for the learning.

Speaking of game related programming. Garth Flint asks the question Can a non-gamer teach a game programming class? It’s a concern of mine I have as well. I am not a gamer butv many of my students are.

Congressional App Challenge submissions due Jan 15. Open to all US High School students.

New from Mark Guzdial@guzdial Book released: Learner-Centered Design of Computing Education: Research on Computing for Everyone 

The annual Scratch Conference at MIT Media Lab is coming this summer August 4-6 (proposals due February 15)

More news from the Scratch Team at MIT ‏You can now record Scratch projects by selecting "Record Project Video" in the File menu!

  Don't forget that there's still time to participate in CSTA's "I AM" Campaign! Only a few days left before we choose a winner. My picture is there. Is yours? I’m pretty sure I am ineligible to win BTW. My picture is at

Sign up now! - Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Computer Science Educators This could be a valuable resource if enough teachers sign up.

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