Monday, April 18, 2016

Interesting Links 18 April 2016

Last week was both long and short. Short in that I only spent three days at school. Long in that I spent the weekend and Monday working at the K 12 Computer Science Framework Stakeholders Convening Time well spent of course even with a long travel day Monday night into Tuesday. BTW just a suggestion. Make sure to pay attention to AM and PM when making reservations. Just saying.

More than compiling is a great blog post by Doug Peterson that takes off where one of my posts (It Compiled, It Ran, It Must Be Right. Right? )  leaves off.

CaptionBot is a new AI bot from Microsoft that attempts to describe images that are feed to it. Visit to try it out.

Kinect and the self-driving car is about using different types od sensors in self-driving cars. An interesting conversation to have.

In IDE or the Cloud Mike Zamansky takes on the question of using a web based development or one installed locally.  He covers the plusses and minuses of both. It’s a useful article for teachers looking at what tools to use for teaching programming.


Mike Zamansky said...

Thanks for the mention Alfred.

I switched blogging platforms over the weekend so the link you used won't work.

This one will:

In case any of your readers also do read my blog, it's address is the same ( but the rss/atom feed may have changed so people might not be getting updates that way without resubscribing.

I talk about my switchover in the most recent couple of posts.

Alfred Thompson said...

Thanks Mike. I have updated the link.